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A Software That Releases Lucrative Data That Will Show You Exactly How To Turn Your Pay-Per-Click Publishing Into A Steady Stream Of Cash Every Single Month!


There's NO Reason To Sit Back And Settle For The Pint-Sized Data That Google Releases. Read Below As I Disclose The Vital Stats That Have Helped Me Earn Thousands Of Dollars From AdSense.

...NO Need To Guess Anymore.

From the desk of: Matt Callen

Dear Friend,

s you know, Google provides you with very little information in your AdSense account. Though page-impressions, average click-through rate, and revenue stats are all very useful... the real stats have remained a secret until now.

There's a reason that Google doesn't give you this information.

It's simple. Just like any other business, Google wants to earn as much money as possible. So the less money they pay their publishers (YOU), the more money they get to keep for themselves.

It makes perfect sense for Google to do this. By keeping you in the dark about these secret stats, Google makes loads of extra money. There's no reason for them to release it to you.

But that doesn't matter...because AdSpyTracker will gather this lucrative data and deliver it directly to you!

AdSpyTracker will reveal to you...

The EXACT keyword search terms that are drawing your visitors to any of your webpages
The actual efficiency of every AdSense Ad on ANY of your webpages!
The precise AdSense Ads that are being clicked most frequently on your site. This secret information is kept behind closed doors if you try to get it directly from Google.

The exact pages that your AdSense Ads are being clicked on. Don't hassle with creating dozens and dozens of channels in your AdSense account. Put one small snippet of code onto your site and Viola!

Your Unique Visitor Ratio by grabbing each person's IP address. Track your visitors and learn your demographics that bring in the most clicks! A great way to prevent click-fraud.
The precise hour of the day you are getting the most clicks... in REAL TIME! Now you can instantly respond to your stats without having to wait on Google's lag-time.
The actual Ad Formats that are bringing you the most clicks. You can quickly test and track which size and color formats, AdUnits, and AdLinks drop the most cash into your account!
The click-through rate for EACH and EVERY page so you know which content is producing the most hits!
No More Lousy Guesswork! You don't have to make guesses about which domains your ads are viewed on, which pages they are clicked on, and more importantly which ads are actually clicked! Leave the guesswork to the newbie publishers!
Precisely how to boost your supporting content and target your Google search terms for AdSense. With AdSpyTracker you'll be able to do it all...Bring in hauls of cash and loads of targeted traffic by tracking your AdUnits, AdLinks, and AdSense for Search!
And Much More...

These techniques are just a sampling of the backbone of what makes AdSpyTracker so powerful!

If given this top secret data, smart publishers like yourself would be able to use it to leverage and multiply your AdSense income again and again.

"My Click Through Rates Have Quickly Increased, Thus GREATLY Increasing My Revenue!
It Pays For Itself In No Time!"

"Matt, just wanted to let you know that by using adspytracker and the data it's given me, I have been able to identify weak sites and make changes that have quickly increased click through rates thus GREATLY increasing my revenue. I highly recommend that anyone using PPC to bring in revenue gets this tool. In my experience it pays for itself in no time!"

-- Dave Swanborough

"It Is Truly Amazing Value - I Would Pay Much MORE For This Software!"

"Matt, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for producing AdSpyTracker. As well as being a breeze to install, it is a truly amazing value for the money - I would pay much more for this software!

Its features are remarkable, particularly the ability to see which ads and link units are working, and on which domains. I even get to know the ACTUAL keywords and search engines that produced the clicks for me. This makes it easy to see which of my sites is working and which is not so I can concentrate on building and promoting my VRE sites and not wasting time on sites that are losers.

Thanks again Matt. This is the perfect partner with my copy of HyperVRE - I just need to add one line of code to my templates before generating the pages and I'm set."

-- David Robertshaw

AdSpyTracker spoon-feeds you with the information that you need to know in order to crank your AdSense revenue to the next level.

"Just To Give You A Little Idea As To How Simple, Yet Powerful This Tool Is...Check Out The Screen Shots Below!"

"In Just A Few Clicks, You'll Uncover The Precise Keyword Search Terms That Are Leading Your Visitors To Click Your Ads!"


"Never Before Revealed By Google... Quickly Discover Which AdSense Ads Are Dropping The Most Cash Into Your Account!"


"Multiple Tracking Intelligence For Both AdSense for Content and AdSense for Search!"


"Effortlessly Side-Step The Google Barricade With This Priceless, Comprehensive Intelligence... And Break Through To A New Level Of Income!"

You've heard that the top 'rule of thumb' in marketing is "Test, Test, Test."

You've got to keep track of the results that your marketing projects return to you - that is, keep track of those things that bring you the best ROI (Return On Investment).

Even if you don't spend a dime on marketing or advertising your AdSense websites, you still need to track your investments so that you know which sites - and more importantly, which Ads - are worth pursuing and which ones are better off tossing to the side.

With AdSpyTracker, you can make ALL of your AdSense sites work for you! AdSpyTracker lets you track and test all of your ads. See which ones are working, and then use that info as a starting template for your other sites!

"The Stats Are Way Better Than The Server Logs!"

"Thanks for AdSpyTracker... The information that I gain from the stats are tremendous. I actually added Adsense to some pages that I would not normally so I can verify advertising campaigns.

And you know what? The stats are way better than the server logs!"

--Mark Myszak

"Easily Watch Your Entire AdSense Empire Continue To Build... As Usual, Matt Over-Delivers!"

"I have been using AdSpyTracker for a couple months now and it has been a wonderful help in tracking and optimizing my AdSense ad units for placement as well as colors. AdSpyTracker gives you all of that information at your finger tips with easy to use reports that are only a mouse click away.

The features of AdSpyTracker rival those of programs that have sold for much more in the past, and it is a fantastic value in an AdSense tracking program. You can easily watch your entire AdSense empire build, and even across multiple websites and domains, from one single software program. As usual, Matt over-delivers for the price."

--Todd Strait

"Google Doesn't Want You To Know About This"

That's why they don't provide you with all of the information that AdSpyTracker gives you!

What's more, AdSpyTracker is incredibly easy to use. Once you download the software you just follow the step-by-step instructions and demo videos on how to install it onto your server. From there, we'll give you a very short snippet of code to place on your website that will track the secret stats to help boost your income to the next level...again and again.

And best of all, unlike other software on the market, you don't have to pay a monthly fee for AdSpyTracker.

Although I could very easily charge over $97 for it - I won't do that today.

It's that important for you to have this software. You can't afford to miss out on it.

So that's why, for a limited time... You can get this for Only $67! No, that's not a misprint .. You can grab a copy of the exact same software I've used to generate thousands of dollars in Adsense income for just $67.

This price WILL increase - no joke! So if you want the software, now is the time to get it.

"Become An Owner Of AdSpyTracker Now, And You'll Also Instantly Receive..."


Bonus #1 -
"The AdSense Advantage"
($37 Value)

This advanced AdSense eCourse is yours absolutely free.

You will learn how to increase your AdSense earnings with this extensive, step-by-step mini-course.

You'll learn a step-by-step plan to quite easily increase your daily AdSense earnings within minutes of reading and taking action on what you learn.

Grab your complete, fool-proof guide to total AdSense and VRE domination!

Bonus #2 -
Closed-Door, Members Only Affiliate Program
(unlimited potential)

Earn Unlimited Commissions! This is a closed-door affiliate program ONLY available to customers of AdSpyTracker... so what are you waiting for - act now! More details inside...

"Drop All The Guesswork, And Discover The EXACT Secrets To Cracking The AdSense Code"

In a matter of moments, you'll discover the true gold in your AdSense stats.

Don't leave any more money on the table. Don't let Google hold you back with their lack of lucrative data.

There's no more guesswork, no more rolling the dice, and no more swinging the bat at the invisible ball...This Is The Real Deal!

If you want to lead the way with your AdSense sites, you need to have to control of your ads.

Know exactly what your visitors are clicking on, which ads are producing the most hits, and which pages are hauling in the most cash. Build your AdSense empire with precision and control.

With AdSpyTracker, you can practically track the TV shows your visitors are watching. Ok, that may be a bit much...but seriously, AdSpyTracker will show you exactly what your ads are doing and when they're doing it.

Once you download AdSpyTracker you'll have the roadmap to potentially make an absolute killing and a healthy dose of cash with Google AdSense... a meager $67! (price WILL increase soon)

Let my secret weapon become YOUR secret weapon today.

Yes! I Want To Get My Copy Of AdSpyTracker (A $97 Value) Right Now For ONLY $67!

I Understand That With AdSpyTracker I Will Be Able To Track All Of The Top-Secret Stats That Google Doesn't Want Me To Know...And Ultimately Boost My AdSense Revenue To A New Level. I Also Understand That I Will Gain Private Access Into The Member's Only Affiliate Program Where I Could Make Tons Of Continuous Commissions... Plus, By Essentially Making Two Sales I Will Have Made My Money Back From The Original Purchase!
I know I would have to be crazy to pass on this deal.

"On That Basis, I Want AdSpyTracker Now!"

Your privacy will be respected and your private information will never be shared with any 3rd parties.

(I reserve the right to end this offer at anytime without warning.)

Within minutes you can be harnessing the incredible power of this software.

After you click the button above, you'll be taken to a download page where you can download your copy of AdSpyTracker so you can begin using and benefiting from it immediately.

It's a no-brainer -- do yourself a favor, download AdSpyTracker right now, put it to work for you, and start getting the results you've always dreamed about!

All the best,

Matt Callen

P.S. You can't really appreciate the power of AdSpyTracker without taking it for a 'spin'. If your business revolves around pay-per-click publishing, or if you only dabble with it a little, I urge you to at least give AdSpyTracker a try. You'll also get access to my closed door affiliate program where you can pocket heavy commissions on direct sales through your affiliate link.

P.P.S. It's time for YOU to stop being part of the large "marketing herd". Break through with unseen marketing tools and leave the rest of the crowd behind.

"I Now Have A Handle On What Is Really
Happening With My Adsense Campaigns...
Well Worth The Price!"

"Thanks for a great tool! I was previously paying a monthly fee for tracking, so AdSpyTracker was the tool I really needed! I now track a number of sites and AdSpyTracker organizes it all for me easily and neatly view. And, it's all under MY control! Well worth the price.

AdSpyTracker was easy to install, easy to use, and tracks all my stats. I now have a handle on what is really happening with my Adsense campaigns."

--Shawn Blair

"AdSpyTracker's The Missing Piece of The Puzzle... It's The Best Return On Investment
I've EVER Bought!"

"Hi Matt, I have been making a decent income from Adsense for the past 6 months but AdspyTracker's the missing piece of the puzzle.

I must say I just LOVE Adspy Tracker :-) It is one of the best products I have bought for a VERY long time!

Thanks to this great script I am at last able to track which ads really pay big bucks and optimise my pages for them to appear. This product really rocks -- and is so cheap for the return on investment! It's the best ROI product I've ever bought. Thanks again."

--Paul Marechal
- Webmaster

For a Limited Time Only...

Get AdSpyTracker At The REDUCED Price NOW!



* Note: At any time, Matt Callen and reserves the right to change the affiliate program commission structure as per his discretion. If this happens, affiliates will be notified in the members area and the change will take effect immediately on this webpage.




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